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Home Page of Day Worker of Santa Cruz County:  http://dayworkercenterSC.org
Hire A Worker:  http://dayworkersc.org/page_id=25 OR http://daywork.org/hire-a-worker/
FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about the Center:  http://daywork.org/faqs/
Our Mission: http://daywork.org/our-mission/
Who Are Day Workers:  http://daywork.org/who-are-day-workers/
Volunteer: http://daywork.org/volunteer-opportunities/
Donate:  http://daywork.org/donate/
Contact us: a form for questions (not a hiring form)

[NOTE: both daywork.org and dayworkersc.org are OK ways to visit the Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz County online and you’ll be taken to the same page(s)]

FACEBOOK: Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz County:  https://www.facebook.com/DayWorkerCenterOfSantaCruzCounty

The Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz County

  • provides a location for employers to hire workers via telephone, by email or online and in person during Center hours of operation
  • reaches out to day workers soliciting work on the streets to inform them about the Center’s services
  • provides worker-led community service activities
  • helps coordinate and participate in community events such as neighborhood clean-ups
  • provides English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to the workers while waiting for job matches, facilitating interactions with employers and workers
  • decreases the number of workers soliciting employment on the street

Hire a Day Worker! Center Location: 2261 7th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Hours of Operation: 7:00AM – 1:30 PM Tuesday – Saturday Plus 8:00AM – 1:30PM on Sunday.

Find out more about how The Community Action Board of Santa Cruz County (CAB) works to combat poverty. CAB operates eight programs that assist low-income residents to move out of poverty, focusing on four service areas: Job Training and Employment Services, Housing and Homeless Services, Immigration Assistance, and Community Building.Visit CAB online to find out more http://cabinc.org/

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