Message of Gratitude to our Community

Dear Community,

On behalf of CAB, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the Day Worker Center, from hiring day workers, sharing the link in social media, and/or made a monetary donation– YOU are instrumental in making our vision a reality.

These past three years have been exacerbated by the pandemic, Santa Cruz fires and the most recent floods. It has become more evident that day workers continue to face unimaginable challenges as we slowly recuperate from the impact to our economy by these natural disasters. We invite you to continue to support our day worker continuing to hire day workers and/or make a monetary donation. 

We are very hopeful that with your unceasing support, we continue to elevate the lives of our day workers.

DWC highlights:

  • We moved to 501 Soquel Ave Ste F, Santa Cruz as of April 2023. We continue to adjust to our new location. 
  • Over$30,000.00 has been distributed in response to the floods to support day workers’ basic needs. 
  • Together, with other CAB programs and in partnership with other community members, 50,000 bags were filled with sand in response to the floods to protect our vulnerable community. 
  • The DWC attended a 4 day leadership training in Sonoma hosted by NDLON with the goal to build day worker capacity, in addition, NDLON certified 35 day workers on OHSA. 
    Over 1000 flyershave been distributed in Santa Cruz County door-t0-door to increase our employer network.
  • Job matches continued to be low compared to Pre-Covid by 50%.
  • The DWC continues to host weekly General Assemblies via zoom to address work ethics,  ESL,  financial literacy and parenting classes. ..

We appreciate our DWC advisory board, direct staff, and allies who have been tirelessly working hard to stand-up for day laborers and immigrant workers.
On behalf of CAB and those we serve, we thank you for making it possible for us to carry out our mission of working towards a thriving, equitable and diverse community free from poverty and injustice.  

Looking forward to our continued collaboration.

Maria Rodriguez-Castillo, Programs Director

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