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Day Worker Center has a minimum of 4 hours of labor per order.

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Employer Agreement Guidelines and Regulations

The mission of the Day Worker Center in Santa Cruz County is to facilitate the safe and dignified hiring of day workers, by providing a physical space where workers can seek job opportunities and employers can hire workers. Additionally, the Center offers a variety of supportive services and training opportunities to its members to enrich their skill sets with the goal of providing quality services to the community.


Thank you for choosing the Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz County, it is our commitment to our employers and our day worker community to facilitate an easy and dignified hiring process. Please review, sign, and submit this Day Worker Regulations and Guidelines form along with the Employer Contact Work Order Request Form so that our Center can facilitate your job match with a day worker.



Employers must pay workers directly with cash only. When you are matched with a day worker, you become their employer. The Day Worker Center is not the employer for any day worker matches and does not take a commission from day workers nor receive any payment from employers. Day workers keep 100% of their pay.

Employers must ensure drinking water and bathrooms are available for workers.

Rest Periods: Employers must provide a 10-minute paid rest break for every four-hour period worked.

Meal Periods: Employers must provide a 30-minute meal period to employees for every 5 hours worked per day.

Overtime: Employers must pay time and a half (1.5 x hourly wage) for any work done beyond 8 hours per day. Employers must also pay time and a half for any work done beyond 40 hours per week.

In addition to these legal obligations, we reiterate the following:

I acknowledge that I have reviewed and understand the policies and guidelines within this document. I agree to abide by the guidelines and responsibilities to ensure my participation in the job match services facilitated by the Day Worker Center.

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