The Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz County is proud to announce that employers are excited and happy with the quality of work of the Day Worker Center. Quality can be seen in this snapshot of a rock pathway and there are lots of other examples of quality workmanship. Some workers have woodworking background or stone and tile background. Others may be experienced in specific skills.

Arrange to have work done anytime throughout the week. Workers are available anytime. Reliable, screened workers besides being able to help you with gardening, moving, cleaning, painting, building, hauling, clean-outs are often able to do more skilled labor.

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Day Workers in Action

Pay Scale

Please note that Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz is a worker-led center. All of the rules and wages governing the hiring process have been developed by the general assembly of workers.

The wages below are minimum wages. Higher wages may be negotiated depending on the specifics of the job. The overall minimum wage for any job dispatched from the center is $18 and hour.

Most employers pay an average of $20 per hour. We encourage employers to pay fair and dignified wages to the workers!


The wages below are minimum wages. Higher wages may be negotiated depending on the specifics of the job. The overall minimum wage for any job dispatched from the center is $18 per hour.

  Min Wage/ Hr Type of Job Description


General Labor $18 Yard-work Hand weeding; Yard cleaning, mowing and hedging; Garden maintenance and planting
$18 Exterior Home & Site Maintenance i.e. Power washing, garage clean up (moving items up to 50 lbs), other general assistance
$18 / $25


Weed-Whacking & High Weed Mowing Using an employer’s weed-whacker or high weed whacker ($25/hr if the worker brings their own weed-whacker)
Skilled Labor $20



Painting Assistance Brush and roller (preparation, cutting, taping, and cleanup)
$20 Pruning Fruit trees, roses, grapes & other skilled pruning
$20 Landscaping Assistance Irrigation maintenance; Landscape installation; Materials application (moving gravel, etc.)
$20 House Cleaning General housecleaning (sweeping, mopping, bathrooms, kitchens etc.)
*Extra $10 fee to bring cleaning supplies
$25* Deep Cleaning Deep Cleaning, Moving out or moving in.
*Extra $15 fee to bring cleaning supplies for deep cleaning jobs
$20 Drywall Assistance Installation; Mudding & Taping; Moving & removing
$25 Carpentry Assistance Handyman work; Framing; Siding; Cabinetry; Retaining Walls & Fences
$25 Masonry Assistance Installing patio pavers, retaining walls, cement walkways, brick, stone and tile, stone walls / fences
$25 Roofing Assistance Installation and removal of shingles and other materials
Heavy Labor $20


Heavy Yard & Site Maintenance Blackberry & large shrub removal; wood splitting & chipping; moving tree debris; loading trucks for dump runs
 $20 Digging Excavation, ditch-digging, holes, and drains
$20-$25 Moving Moving boxes and other items Furniture, appliances, and other heavy items, as well as jobs involving stair sets and inclines, has a minimum wage of $25
$20 Demolition Demolition or deconstruction of structures—requires hard hats
$30 Poison Oak


Removal of poison oak


Construction Site Clean Up Cleaning debris and materials before, during, and after a construction project etc. (50 lbs+ at $20/hr minimum)
Use of Own Equipment $60 Use of Truck Removal of debris & yard waste, including moving (per trip + $18 hourly wage). Employer pays dump fees.

***Workers are not licensed contractors.***

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